St Andrews Son of God Symposium – Summary Day 3

The third day of the sym­po­sium was only a half day, and revolved around three ple­nary sessions.

Reinhard Kratz opened the morn­ing with an in depth paper look­ing at the par­al­lels between 4Q246 and the Old Testament back­grounds that it pre­sumes and envelops. This paper expand­ed and explored aspects of met­alep­sis in the DSS that George Brooke set out the frame­work and ground­work for in the fourth ple­nary on the first day.

Jan Joosten then con­tin­ued with the New Testament side of the piv­ot, look­ing at how Wisdom 2:16–18 may be seen as a sort of medi­a­tor in par­al­lels between Ps 22:9 and Matthew 27:43. These two papers togeth­er help­ful­ly explored the Hellenisation of Jewish thought, and how scrip­ture was used and engaged with in this context.

The final paper for the con­fer­ence was a sort of ‘State of the Union’ address from N.T. Wright that sought to place the con­fer­ence top­ic with­in the broad­er his­to­ry of research, and offer some sug­ges­tions of where research should con­tin­ue. Notable points here include the note of chal­lenge in observ­ing that ‘Early Christology is Confrontation not Derivation’ and his con­tin­ued empha­sis on Temple shaped Christology (as is present in the Christian Origins works). In some ways this paper could have been split into book ends that intro­duced and closed out the con­fer­ence, but com­ing at the end pro­vid­ed a good ‘where to from here’ engage­ment for the symposium.

All in all a great con­fer­ence, and very well organ­ised by the research stu­dents at St Andrews. Well done.

After the con­fer­ence I had a bit of time to catch up with Ken Mavor (a pre­vi­ous tutor/teacher at ANU) and Stephen Reicher to talk Social Identity Theory for a while. One of the great things about St Andrews is that the Schools of Psychology and Divinity share the same quad, and so there is space to fos­ter the over­lap of dis­ci­plines. Here is a rare self­ie (on this blog any­way) of the gate to that quad, Psychology on the left, Divinity on the right.


Now onwards to London and the St Mary’s Conference.

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