Presenting at St Andrews Symposium 2016 — Son of God: Divine Sonship in Jewish and Christian Antiquity

This morn­ing Qantas had the temer­i­ty (ok it was auto­mat­ed) to remind me that its only a lit­tle over a month before I will be head­ing to the UK for a pair of con­fer­ences, one at St Andrews in Scotland and the oth­er at St Mary’s Twickenham down in London. Co-inci­den­tal­ly the draft sched­ule for the St Andrews sym­po­sium was released this week. Ill be pre­sent­ing in the third par­al­lel ses­sion on the Tuesday afternoon.
Divine Sonship 2016 ScheduleDivine Sonship 2016 Schedule 2Divine Sonship 2016 Schedule 3Divine Sonship 2016 Schedule 4If you will be around Edinburgh/St Andrews or London/Oxford dur­ing the first two weeks of June and want to catch up I’m sure we can work some­thing out 🙂

Now, back to work on fin­ish­ing this chap­ter of the the­sis and get­ting all my cards in order again.

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