What is the Point?

Recently I was at the ETS and then SBL/AAR con­fer­ences in the US, with about 15,000 peo­ple descend­ing on San Diego for the SBL/AAR con­fer­ence alone. While one of the Ridley lec­tur­ers, Andrew Malone, and I were head­ing out for din­ner we encoun­tered a lady who chal­lenged us on what is the point in study­ing the bible if for so many it does­n’t change our actions. He has elo­quent­ly blogged about it over on the Ridley site here:

Let me briefly quote from his blog:

All too many Christians known to us and to Amy are sim­ply lazy or self­ish when it comes to putting the­o­ry into prac­tice … It’s our job to ensure that the mem­bers of God’s church for whom we’re respon­si­ble (and we our­selves) are adept and con­sci­en­tious at ask­ing ‘so what?’ and putting the the­o­ry into prac­tice. Yes, we need to know how to dis­tin­guish Greek gen­i­tives and to right­ly inter­pret Genesis and Hebrews. And we also need to know why and how to share Jesus’ com­pas­sion with a sin-laden soci­ety that’s made in God’s image, a com­pas­sion that quells phys­i­cal hunger as read­i­ly as it strives to fur­nish spir­i­tu­al nour­ish­ment. And we need to get on with it.

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