Enclave Theology and Social Identity

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Mike Bird has a brief piece over here on the preva­lence of Enclave Theology: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/euangelion/2014/10/enclave-theology/ which relates back to the pre­vi­ous post on how labels are used in schol­ar­ship. He quotes from George Hunsinger

By ‘enclave’ the­ol­o­gy, I mean a the­ol­o­gy based nar­row­ly in a sin­gle tra­di­tion that seeks not to learn from oth­er tra­di­tions and to enrich them, but instead to top­ple and defeat them, or at least to with­stand them.

Broadly speak­ing this can be seen as a polem­i­cal form of legit­i­ma­tion of social iden­ti­ty in the wider social sphere. Similarly to how labels are used as well.

However, ulti­mate­ly the mon­sters out­side the door become the mon­sters inside. As Pierre Bourdieu wrote

social iden­ti­ty lies in dif­fer­ence, and dif­fer­ence is assert­ed against what is clos­est, which rep­re­sents the great­est threat

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