Still alive.…

Marino View

As with a lot of things over the sum­mer we too have gone into a bit of hiber­na­tion. But we haven’t dis­ap­peared altogether.

Over the last few weeks we have been able to return to Adelaide for a bit of rest and recu­per­a­tion, well for me at least. Gill is cur­rent­ly doing an International Medical course called Intermed that will com­prise the final sub­ject for her Grad Dip and also a bit of a refresh­er on some inter­na­tion­al med­i­cine before start­ing her Public Health term in late Jan.

We have been extreme­ly blessed by being able to not only stay with some of our close friends, but to do so up at their fam­i­ly beach house in Marino (see the view above).

Soon it will again be all steam ahead, with the 2013 CMS Summer Encounter start­ing tomor­row, and with prepa­ra­tions for the upcom­ing semes­ter at Ridley to be finalised, and much more read­ing to be done.

For now though, the view up here is rather entic­ing, and the cycling is start­ing to heat up before the TDU, and read­ing calls.…

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