Unpacking the container

As most of you would be well aware, we have been mov­ing to Melbourne over the last few weeks in order to study at Ridley col­lege. One of the biggest stages in this move has been the pack­ing and sub­se­quent unpack­ing of the con­tain­er at the oth­er end.

What took us 4 days to pack, in a giant game of Tetris, into the con­tain­er was unpacked in a mere 2h30m with our mer­ry band of unload­ers. Furthermore, through the pow­ers of mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy I have com­pact­ed that two and a half hours down into a nice cou­ple of minute video for your view­ing pleasure.

However, there is still so much more to do, for the last week since the con­tain­er was unpacked we have been slow­ly set­ting up house with the Urmstons who we are house shar­ing with (their blog is here: http://urmstons.blogspot.com/).

For now though Gill and I are down at Victor Harbor for CMS South Australia Summer Encounter 2012, and being hearti­ly encour­aged by the speak­ers: Bishop Mouneer of Egypt and the Middle East, Lindsay Brown from Lausanne and for­mer­ly IFES, and the incom­ing CMS Federal Secretary Peter Rogers.

It has been a great day and a bit of break from the unpack­ing, and we pray that it will reju­ve­nate us for what is yet to come, before col­lege starts.

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