How To Get Those Thoughts Out — Writing with Scrivener and Scapple

The final stage of the research process is usu­al­ly syn­the­sis, where ideas and con­cepts come togeth­er in a new form. But those syn­the­ses rarely meet their goals if they are sim­ply stored in your head. While there are many block­ers in the writ­ing process, from cog­ni­tive blocks to research issues,…

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It’s All About the Style — Writing Well

Style or sub­stance, which one is more impor­tant? While our last Friday post dealt with the process of writing—how to stim­u­late those word juices flow­ing in your head—this post looks at the style of those words. Now style is a very per­son­al thing, and it is entire­ly like­ly that your…

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How to Write a Lot — The Writing Task

We often con­sid­er writ­ing an ardu­ous task, bemoan­ing things such as writ­ers block, or loom­ing dead­lines; and the writ­ing require­ment of acad­e­mia usu­al­ly won’t alle­vi­ate this. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, the seem­ing­ly sheer cliff face of a writ­ing task can be scaled, and often with rel­a­tive ease. Welcome…

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