social identity

Charlie Hebdo, terrorism and identity

Some will prob­a­bly know that I have been inter­est­ed in issues of iden­ti­ty for­ma­tion, adop­tion and social iden­ti­ty for quite some time now. While this is not the time or place to engage in a long dis­cus­sion of the fac­tors of Tajfelian Social Identity Theory, I think that the issues we…

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A Cult of Personality — whose persona to follow?

Originally I was­n’t going to write on this top­ic, but this morn­ing I was read­ing an old friend’s blog and start­ed think­ing about the sit­u­a­tion, and these thoughts became notes, and became a small com­ment, and now this brief post. So the log­i­cal start­ing point for this post is here: and…

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