Using Zotero as a Robust Research Manager

Recently a friend of mine post­ed about los­ing his entire research library in OneNote, which brought flash­backs to los­ing my entire research library many years ago in the Endnote 7 to X upgrade. You nev­er want to see this. As such I am using this as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to briefly review…

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Easy Note Taking — Evernote, OneNote, Pages and SimpleNote

He lis­tens well who takes notes. — Dante (Canto XV) Note tak­ing can often seem like some­thing of a bur­den, that gets in the way of learn­ing stuff, or get­ting things done. However, unless we have a robust eidet­ic mem­o­ry, then we are going to need to take notes. Thankfully…

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