St Andrews Son of God Symposium – Summary Day 3

The third day of the sym­po­sium was only a half day, and revolved around three ple­nary ses­sions. Reinhard Kratz opened the morn­ing with an in depth paper look­ing at the par­al­lels between 4Q246 and the Old Testament back­grounds that it pre­sumes and envelops. This paper expand­ed and explored aspects of…

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St Andrews Son of God Symposium — Summary Day 2

Day two of the St Andrews Symposium start­ed with a bang, as Michael Peppard pre­sent­ed a strong argu­ment for the need of Christological research to engage with the per­va­sive impe­r­i­al cult, rather than mere­ly focus­ing on the Jewish ori­gins. To put Peppard’s per­spec­tive on the impe­r­i­al cult in his own…

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