Cognitive Biases

The OODA loop and Cognitive Biases

This morning I gave a brief talk on several of the cognitive biases that have featured on here over the last few months, and their often stormy relationship with our rapid decision making/heuristic processes. During that talk I mentioned the OODA (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act) loop briefly, and a couple of people asked questions…

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Why are some people just so obstinate? – Bayes Theorem & The Backfire Effect

What do Flat-earthers, Anti-vaxxers, 9/11-conspiracists, Jesus-mythicists and Obama citizenship deniers have in common? Well, subconsciously at least, they all display a contempt for Bayes’ theorem, and arguably they strongly manifest the ‘Backfire effect.’ Welcome to another instalment of Cognitive Bias Wednesday, today looking at the ‘backfire effect,’ with a prelude…

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