Holidays and Travelling… and the Reformation?

It seems very strange that an entire semes­ter has passed already, but indeed it has, and we have marked the end of semes­ter with the usu­al ven­er­a­ble exam week; then it will be hol­i­days. One of the great oppor­tu­ni­ties which Ridley offers is the chance to get a hands on…

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Am I, You are, are We: Australian?

On the week­end I was hav­ing a chat with a friend about some of the aspects of oth­er cul­tures that con­tribute to mak­ing them unique. Take for exam­ple the pasa­ta mak­ing day, and the oth­er var­i­ous food relat­ed gath­er­ings, that con­tribute to cre­at­ing a unique Italian cul­ture. Or the various…

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