About Us

The Porters
Chris and Gillian are on the move! After growing up in Canberra we both made the long treck across country to study in Adelaide for university, but after 8 years in SA, we are making the move back to the east coast to live in Melbourne so we can study at Ridley Theological College. We are hoping to be equipped for a lifetime of Christian ministry and are expecting that at some point in the next few years we will be making an even bigger move as we head towards overseas mission work, God willing.

I’m a 20 something Christian girl who is married to a great guy called Chris! I spend most of my time working in the world of health care as a junior doctor but also love to read blogs, dream about the future and drink coffee. You might also find me with an embroidery needle in my hand or on the treadmill at the gym, but mostly I’m just trying to figure out what it means to be me! In 2012 I will be studying a Graduate Diploma of Divinity at Ridley College in Melbourne and also doing some locum medical work to pay the bills!

In his 20’s, smart, funny, gorgeous, loves God and his wifey. Has a work background in software engineering and psychology but also loves photography, mechanics, racing, formula 1, baking bread, riding downhill mountain bikes and fabrication (all of which he excels at). In 2012 he will be going into 2nd year of the Masters of Divinity at Ridley College where he will get to put his Greek into practice and learn Hebrew along with all sorts of other things to do with God and the bible. NB: Clearly written by a non-biased wife