Complex Thinking — a skill sorely needed

Came across this post today on apply­ing Complex Thinking to cur­rent events. These six tenets that Michèle espous­es are a great frame­work for engag­ing with the bevy of com­plex debates in our mod­ern society.
Patience, Effort, Courage, Retrospection, Tension and Thoughtfulness are all required across our debates in the pub­lic square–and espe­cial­ly in the pri­vate sphere. No mat­ter your posi­tion on reli­gion, pol­i­tics, or even sport; all are required in greater measure.
As she writes:

I believe in Complex Thinking. And it is the antithe­sis of knee-jerk react­ing. It requires the kind of emo­tion­al and intel­lec­tu­al self-con­trol that feels insen­si­tive under such heartrend­ing circumstances.

I high­ly rec­om­mend her post, go read it here:

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