Reading Project: Intentional Community, New Monasticism, Spiritual Friendship and Rhythms and Rules of Life

One of the practices I keep is to always have a long term reading project on the go, that is less directly related to my active research. I find this keeps me reading broadly and more agile in the way that I process and link concepts together. Over the winter break (in Australia) I completed my last reading project of N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins series, and have been debating what to start next. Some discussions in the last week have pushed me towards revisiting some thinking I have been doing for several years now on intentional community, the Benedict option, and various rules of life. Plus it seems that from the responses on Facebook others are interested in this as well, so this is where I will be doing my extra-curricular reading for the next few months.

In discussions with people on Facebook and in the communities I’m a part of, I thought it may be useful to start compiling a list of resources and reviewing them, along with attempting to foster discussion on them. Some of these discussions will happen in person, as I am investigating setting up a reading group or two to discuss ideas. But I also want these to be more broadly reaching.

This then is the start of the online side of the discussion, a reading list. Here is a bibliography of suggested works from a plethora of different sources, that I am hoping to read. Im also hoping to review, or have someone else review, most of the works too and make those reviews available publicly. If you have more suggested works, then please contribute them in the comments or send them to me via another method.

Do let me know if you want to be part of this reading project, either online or in person. Reading is always more fun in community… and reading on community should be even more so again!

For now though here is the bibliography:


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