What Font to Use?

Recently i have been doing a bit of graphic design and putting together a visual style guide, and i came across this handy page: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/12/14/what-font-should-i-use-five-principles-for-choosing-and-using-typefaces/

The author essentially goes through his Five guidelines for picking fonts, and working with them. Even better though his guidelines are couched and contextualised in a fashion concept, and so give a broader comparison.
Helpfully he also takes the reader through a selection narrative, so that everyone can see how their font selections work together.

However, there probably needs to be a 6th guideline added: Never use Comic-Sans. For the reasoning there see here: http://www.comicsanscriminal.com

Really recommend reading it if you are doing anything with graphic design, even if (or especially if) you are merely dabbling in it.


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