The New Year – 2015

Well after a big 2014 it is 2015 already, and a ton of things are already looming on the horizon. Firstly and briefly the blog has had a bit of a redesign, to indulge in my Art Deco appreciation phase (revived in no small part from visiting the Hoover Dam during my trip to SBL) .

We also have Caleb’s first birthday coming up, as well as Gill changing practices for her next GP terms, and I’m hopefully starting further study. All of that though is in the future, so in the first few weeks of the year we will be taking stock and going a bit slower.

Ill certainly have to be going a bit slower, as the other item of note during the New Years break were 10407523_10152877889130944_7042218840394785802_nliterally some breaks. I spent Boxing Day evening in a fetching neck brace, and have a few arm fractures from a cycling accident. Healing up well though, and it could have been worse, Ill spare the gory photos.

Expect more blogging this year, I have planned out a couple of series on study and organisation techniques,  plus some on fallacies and biases, along with some work I have been engaged with over the last little while. All of that is to come though. For now, its time to rest.


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