The New Year — 2015

Well after a big 2014 it is 2015 already, and a ton of things are already loom­ing on the hori­zon. Firstly and briefly the blog has had a bit of a redesign, to indulge in my Art Deco appre­ci­a­tion phase (revived in no small part from vis­it­ing the Hoover Dam dur­ing my trip to SBL) .

We also have Caleb’s first birth­day com­ing up, as well as Gill chang­ing prac­tices for her next GP terms, and I’m hope­ful­ly start­ing fur­ther study. All of that though is in the future, so in the first few weeks of the year we will be tak­ing stock and going a bit slower.

Ill cer­tain­ly have to be going a bit slow­er, as the oth­er item of note dur­ing the New Years break were 10407523_10152877889130944_7042218840394785802_nlit­er­al­ly some breaks. I spent Boxing Day evening in a fetch­ing neck brace, and have a few arm frac­tures from a cycling acci­dent. Healing up well though, and it could have been worse, Ill spare the gory photos.

Expect more blog­ging this year, I have planned out a cou­ple of series on study and organ­i­sa­tion tech­niques,  plus some on fal­lac­i­es and bias­es, along with some work I have been engaged with over the last lit­tle while. All of that is to come though. For now, its time to rest.

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