New Study Series beginning in February

With the start of the new aca­d­e­m­ic year it is worth con­sid­er­ing some meth­ods, skills and tools for study in the year ahead. This year I have decid­ed to put togeth­er a short sev­en week blog series cov­er­ing many of the ques­tions I am reg­u­lar­ly asked when it comes to study­ing. I will divide it up into three sep­a­rate sub cat­e­gories: Study Tools, Study Skills and an assort­ed series of Biases and Fallacies that com­mon­ly arise. On Mondays the Study Tools part of the series will focus on organ­i­sa­tion­al tools that can make the process of gath­er­ing, sort­ing, absorb­ing and syn­the­sis­ing infor­ma­tion easier.
On Fridays the Study Skills sec­tion will look pri­mar­i­ly at holis­tic skills for get­ting the most out of the time that is spent study­ing and writing.
Finally, on Wednesdays the Biases and Fallacies sec­tion will look at a series of com­mon cog­ni­tive bias­es and fal­lac­i­es that crop up in acad­e­mia of all lev­els, and this sec­tion will final­ly cul­mi­nate in an attempt­ed Grand Theory of (Almost) Everything.

However, even though I have been study­ing and work­ing in acad­e­mia for quite a while now, I cer­tain­ly have not come across every­thing that there is to be said in each sec­tion. Many of the posts will deal with ques­tions I am asked com­mon­ly, and have proven help­ful to oth­ers at Ridley and else­where. So I will most­ly be shar­ing what works for me, and hop­ing that you, the read­ers, will be able to use and adapt my method­olo­gies for your purposes.

I am real­ly inter­est­ed though in hear­ing what you would like to see cov­ered. Are there any spe­cif­ic sit­u­a­tions or prob­lems that you find your­self reg­u­lar­ly encoun­ter­ing? Also I will be wel­com­ing com­ments and shar­ing of per­son­al tweaks and meth­ods on each of the sec­tions when I get to the specifics. I am keen to learn from oth­ers, and hope that we can make the learn­ing process as a whole bet­ter and more enjoy­able. So please com­ment below, or on Facebook with what you would like to see me cov­er and what would be useful.

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