101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication

Just ahead of the Study, Work and Organisation series starting on Monday I have come across this interim report on 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication. The authors have divided up the research process into six enumerated pieces, and have investigated each separately, looking at the processes that go on within each stage. They have also investigated a bunch of tools for assisting in the research cycle, some of which will be looked at through the upcoming series.

Its really interesting being able to see the processes that other researchers use, and from a wide variety of fields. I know my processes and structures have varied from Cog. Psych. to Telecoms Engineering and now Theology (my three fields). But it is also interesting to see the overlap between the workflows and disciplines. Just as there is much to learn from interdisciplinary research, there is also much to gain from seeing the workflow and research cycle of other fields.

I highly recommend having a quick look through their report, and perhaps perusing the long form article over at Inside Higher Ed on the topic: https://www.insidehighered.com/views/2015/01/28/report-101-innovations-scholarly-communication


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