What is the Point?

Recently I was at the ETS and then SBL/AAR conferences in the US, with about 15,000 people descending on San Diego for the SBL/AAR conference alone. While one of the Ridley lecturers, Andrew Malone, and I were heading out for dinner we encountered a lady who challenged us on what is the point in studying the bible if for so many it doesn’t change our actions. He has eloquently blogged about it over on the Ridley site here:

Let me briefly quote from his blog:

All too many Christians known to us and to Amy are simply lazy or selfish when it comes to putting theory into practice … It’s our job to ensure that the members of God’s church for whom we’re responsible (and we ourselves) are adept and conscientious at asking ‘so what?’ and putting the theory into practice. Yes, we need to know how to distinguish Greek genitives and to rightly interpret Genesis and Hebrews. And we also need to know why and how to share Jesus’ compassion with a sin-laden society that’s made in God’s image, a compassion that quells physical hunger as readily as it strives to furnish spiritual nourishment. And we need to get on with it.


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