Larry Hurtado on Labels in Scholarship

This morning I noticed that Larry Hurtado has blogged on the prevalence of reductionistic and entrenched camp labels and their usage in scholarship. I must say I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment and how poisonous reductionistic and pejorative labels can be. Both when they are used to shore up weak and insufficient argument, and when they are used to compromise and tear down the arguments of others.

I especially liked his take on scholarly works:

But to my mind, for scholarship to mean anything, the only thing that counts is what a given scholar says/writes, and how well based it is:  How well it takes account of all relevant evidence, how soundly it is reasoned, how well it engages the positions of others, etc.

As scholars and students, and even more as Christians, we should strive after excellence in our scholarly works, rather than bandying around labels to support or tear down.

I do encourage you to read it on his blog over here:


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