Larry Hurtado on Labels in Scholarship

This morn­ing I noticed that Larry Hurtado has blogged on the preva­lence of reduc­tion­is­tic and entrenched camp labels and their usage in schol­ar­ship. I must say I could­n’t agree more with the sen­ti­ment and how poi­so­nous reduc­tion­is­tic and pejo­ra­tive labels can be. Both when they are used to shore up weak and insuf­fi­cient argu­ment, and when they are used to com­pro­mise and tear down the argu­ments of others.

I espe­cial­ly liked his take on schol­ar­ly works:

But to my mind, for schol­ar­ship to mean any­thing, the only thing that counts is what a giv­en schol­ar says/writes, and how well based it is:  How well it takes account of all rel­e­vant evi­dence, how sound­ly it is rea­soned, how well it engages the posi­tions of oth­ers, etc.

As schol­ars and stu­dents, and even more as Christians, we should strive after excel­lence in our schol­ar­ly works, rather than bandy­ing around labels to sup­port or tear down.

I do encour­age you to read it on his blog over here:

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