Enclave Theology and Social Identity

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Mike Bird has a brief piece over here on the prevalence of Enclave Theology: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/euangelion/2014/10/enclave-theology/ which relates back to the previous post on how labels are used in scholarship. He quotes from George Hunsinger

By ‘enclave’ theology, I mean a theology based narrowly in a single tradition that seeks not to learn from other traditions and to enrich them, but instead to topple and defeat them, or at least to withstand them.

Broadly speaking this can be seen as a polemical form of legitimation of social identity in the wider social sphere. Similarly to how labels are used as well.

However, ultimately the monsters outside the door become the monsters inside. As Pierre Bourdieu wrote

social identity lies in difference, and difference is asserted against what is closest, which represents the greatest threat


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