Justification of beliefs – a philosophical perspective.


Further to the last few posts here is the publication announcement of an article that a friend at church has just had accepted for publication:


No, justified belief isn’t simply clicking the “Justify Text” button in Word, but rather how we support and rationalise our beliefs. Interestingly Paul argues that even false beliefs can be validly justified. I’ll let his own words do the talking:

More to the point, I argue that so long as one actually has good reasons for belief, it is possible to have a justified belief that is based on the worst possible reasons. For example, basing a belief on tarot card readings, irrational bias, coin flips, etc. is no barrier to doxastic justification

He continues to expand on his argument in the brief on his own website here: http://paulsilvajr.com/2014/08/18/is-basing-really-necessary-for-doxastic-justification/

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Paul on it, and perhaps even making it along to his presentation on the 21st of August at Melbourne Uni.


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