Mid-Year Update and Some Changes

10415719_10152436496975944_2208083270736219867_nOk first­ly a quick mid-year update, Caleb is now just past 4 months old and grow­ing well, his cheeky and gre­gar­i­ous per­son­al­i­ty is com­ing to the fore and its great to be able to spend more time with him as he grows up. On a study front last week I fin­ished my last course­work com­po­nent of my now trip­li­cate of degrees, and am mov­ing firm­ly into the research phase of the Masters and start­ing to con­sid­er options for PhD can­di­da­ture. One com­po­nent of this will be going part time for the next 6 months as I fin­ish off my the­sis and look after Caleb while Gill starts back in GP land to fin­ish off the term she began last year. Hopefully this will give me more time to do some writ­ing and think­ing, along side the the­sis, oth­er research, tutor­ing and a bit of teach­ing I’m doing at Ridley with the ESL stu­dents there.

Which brings me to the sec­ond point of this post. Those eagle eyed read­ers (ha) and any­one else who looks at dates, will have noticed that this blog has been pret­ty silent since the end of last year. A lot of this from my end has been because ive been doing my ‘writ­ing-think­ing’ in dif­fer­ent forums and on oth­er media. However, in an attempt to revi­talise my writ­ing and think­ing process I will be reshuf­fling this blog slight­ly to include more con­tent that tra­di­tion­al­ly has­nt been found on here. For exam­ple many read­ers who have come for the the­ol­o­gy and study stuff prob­a­bly have no idea that I am also involved in this:


That’s my 1983 Toyota Sprinter Improved Production car, which I have dragged around half of the coun­try for the past 10 years as it has tran­si­tioned from a road car to a race car. Or per­haps these few lit­tle hobbies:


That is moun­tain bik­ing, 3D print­ing (and gen­er­al­ly mak­ing stuff) and beer brew­ing respec­tive­ly. I have gen­er­al­ly kept all of these ‘garage’ hob­bies sep­a­rate from this blog, but in the inter­ests of pro­vid­ing a rounder pic­ture (and more con­tent) on this blog, I fig­ure that they may as well make their home here too.

But what if I don’t know any­thing about these things?” I hear you cry, well maybe you might learn some­thing, but if you don’t want to see them then we will be fair­ly fas­tid­i­ous with using the cat­e­go­ry fea­ture a bit bet­ter so that you can sub­scribe to just one sub-feed of the main blog if you want.

Expect some of these changes to come in the next lit­tle while, and there to be a redesign at some point dur­ing that peri­od too. 🙂



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