Second Semester — an Update


Well after a few weeks break from updat­ing the blog over the win­ter hol­i­days, its time to start semes­ter 2 now. So I thought it would be appro­pri­ate to give a small update as to where we are at now.

For my stud­ies its sim­ply the start of Semester 2, which means anoth­er swathe of sub­jects (Luke, Isaiah, Church Ministry and Sacraments, and Ethics), as well as con­tin­u­ing on with preach­ing, lead­ing at church and the oth­er bits and pieces of life.

For Gill though things are chang­ing. As she hint­ed about in an ear­li­er blog post ( the plans we had made for 2014 have been up in the air and have changed fair­ly sig­nif­i­cant­ly. Originally we were plan­ning on head­ing back to Adelaide in 2014 for Gill to con­tin­ue her GP train­ing, but in God’s prov­i­dence she has been able to secure a trans­fer to the Melbourne train­ing provider and in fact starts her first GP term this week, at the start of August. This has opened the door for us to stay in Melbourne for 2014, and for Gill to con­tin­ue her GP train­ing at the same time. She will still be head­ing over to India in September and October for 5 weeks, which will fit well with her GP training.

We aren’t pre­cise­ly sure what 2014 will look like at this stage, as I’m still intend­ing on pur­su­ing some form of a post-grad­u­ate research degree, although what that looks like we don’t quite know yet. But the big news is that we wont be back in Adelaide in 2014, but will rather be stay­ing in Melbourne.

We hope that we can still keep up with all our friends in Adelaide though, even if we aren’t around physically.

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