Our saviour fridge: savouring the bacon one piece at a time


We had the most unfortunate experience last week of waking up to a warm fridge. In fact, not only was the fridge warm on the inside… but it was warmer inside the fridge than it was outside.

That’s right… the compressor thingamo died.

It’s times like these that you realise how dependent you are on the luxuries of life, like refrigeration. We had a fridge full of food, and a freezer full of meat. All of which suddenly became the potential incubators of wonderful germs like E.Coli and the like. Of course this freezer included about a kilo worth of bacon which we buy bulk cos it’s cheap, and yummy.

Fortunately we have a saviour… in fact, a saviour fridge in the form of the fridge of our housemates. While most people who face such a dilemma as ours would have to throw out all that good bacon, we could swiftly move the now defrosted meat into the neighbouring fridge and save it from it’s potential demise into the depths of the rubbish bin.


This of course gave us the luxury of being able to decide what to do about our incompetent fridge. After a few unsuccessful phone calls with fridge mechanics not interested in looking at our evidently middle-aged 6 year old fridge, we considered buying a new fridge. The ethical dilemma of the week was then presented to us: to attempt to resuscitate our fridge, with the environmental and potential economic savings that may bring, or buy a shiny new fridge with all the features we have been missing over the past 5 years of current fridge ownership.

Eventually we did get a fridge mechanic to have a look, and although it did cost us half the price of a new fridge (!) we were able to get the compressor thingamo fixed. Our bank account now looks a little less, and the environment is cheering us I’m sure. Hopefully the fridge will thank us by lasting well into old-age too.

More importantly, the bacon is safe, and we have been enjoying eating it up all weekend. Yum yum yum.

image-3Bacon sandwich


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