Our saviour fridge: savouring the bacon one piece at a time


We had the most unfor­tu­nate expe­ri­ence last week of wak­ing up to a warm fridge. In fact, not only was the fridge warm on the inside… but it was warmer inside the fridge than it was outside.

That’s right… the com­pres­sor thing­amo died.

It’s times like these that you realise how depen­dent you are on the lux­u­ries of life, like refrig­er­a­tion. We had a fridge full of food, and a freez­er full of meat. All of which sud­den­ly became the poten­tial incu­ba­tors of won­der­ful germs like E.Coli and the like. Of course this freez­er includ­ed about a kilo worth of bacon which we buy bulk cos it’s cheap, and yummy.

Fortunately we have a sav­iour… in fact, a sav­iour fridge in the form of the fridge of our house­mates. While most peo­ple who face such a dilem­ma as ours would have to throw out all that good bacon, we could swift­ly move the now defrost­ed meat into the neigh­bour­ing fridge and save it from it’s poten­tial demise into the depths of the rub­bish bin.


This of course gave us the lux­u­ry of being able to decide what to do about our incom­pe­tent fridge. After a few unsuc­cess­ful phone calls with fridge mechan­ics not inter­est­ed in look­ing at our evi­dent­ly mid­dle-aged 6 year old fridge, we con­sid­ered buy­ing a new fridge. The eth­i­cal dilem­ma of the week was then pre­sent­ed to us: to attempt to resus­ci­tate our fridge, with the envi­ron­men­tal and poten­tial eco­nom­ic sav­ings that may bring, or buy a shiny new fridge with all the fea­tures we have been miss­ing over the past 5 years of cur­rent fridge ownership.

Eventually we did get a fridge mechan­ic to have a look, and although it did cost us half the price of a new fridge (!) we were able to get the com­pres­sor thing­amo fixed. Our bank account now looks a lit­tle less, and the envi­ron­ment is cheer­ing us I’m sure. Hopefully the fridge will thank us by last­ing well into old-age too.

More impor­tant­ly, the bacon is safe, and we have been enjoy­ing eat­ing it up all week­end. Yum yum yum.

image-3Bacon sandwich


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