It’s been a bit quiet around here…


Well, it has been a bit quiet around here lately which I’m well aware of, and if there are any faithful readers out there I’m sorry. As a faithful reader of a number of blogs myself I know how much I appreciate regular blog posts!

This week was Chris’ last week of classes for the semester, and what a semester it has been. The lack of updates has largely been because of busyness – Chris is overloading with 5 subjects this semester, and I’m doing 2 subjects and working full time so it’s been a bit crazy! There has also been quite a lot of things taking up our emotional energy, particularly over the past month or so including considering plans for the next stage of our journey, as well as significant changes happening in the lives of some of our family and friends. Unfortunately none of these things are at a stage where we are able to publicly advertise them on here, although we hope that we can share some of them soon. However, we are happy to share what’s been happening with people individually so please feel free to get in contact with us if you would like.

In the meantime you might be interested in some of the more public things we have been doing:

– This week I got an opportunity to co-author a piece on gambling advertising to children. You can read it here

– I also had the opportunity to put together a post about a book project which I have been helping with (on the sidelines). Have a look here

– This semester Chris has been co-editing the Ridley student magazine in which you can read lots of interesting articles written by students at Ridley.

And because I love them, our friends were on The Project a couple of weeks ago in a story that is well worth watching. Skip ahead to the bit about post-natal psychosis.


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