Since Easter


We have both been pret­ty busy since Easter, Chris with lots of assign­ments (I think 4 due with­in 2 weeks) and myself with var­i­ous projects for work and uni. For me there have been two very excit­ing things that have come out of the last two weeks. The first you can see in the pho­to above, I  had my first poster pre­sen­ta­tion at a con­fer­ence! For most medicos this is not that excit­ing, I think most of my col­leagues would have had a poster sub­mit­ted by 4th year med school, but as I had­n’t ever found any research top­ics I was that fas­ci­nat­ed by I haven’t been one of those peo­ple. However, this year my work has been so inter­est­ing, and my super­vi­sor so sup­port­ive, that we were able to put togeth­er this poster. Anyway, it was­n’t any­thing very spe­cial, but a fun expe­ri­ence of actu­al­ly see­ing some prod­uct of our work.

The sec­ond excit­ing thing about the last few weeks is that we have moved for­ward in plan­ning for my India trip. I will be head­ing over in Sept/Oct for about a month to attend some con­fer­ences and meet­ings to do with some of our projects, and also to get expe­ri­ence and expo­sure with some of the com­mu­ni­ty health work I’m work­ing with this year. We’re also facil­i­tat­ing a group of Aussies to come and vis­it who have been sup­port­ing the var­i­ous work in North India for some­time. I’m very excit­ed to be involved and to be able to go!

In the mean­time, please pray with us for wis­dom and per­se­ver­ance as we keep seek­ing to walk faith­ful­ly with the Lord.

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