Since Easter


We have both been pretty busy since Easter, Chris with lots of assignments (I think 4 due within 2 weeks) and myself with various projects for work and uni. For me there have been two very exciting things that have come out of the last two weeks. The first you can see in the photo above, I  had my first poster presentation at a conference! For most medicos this is not that exciting, I think most of my colleagues would have had a poster submitted by 4th year med school, but as I hadn’t ever found any research topics I was that fascinated by I haven’t been one of those people. However, this year my work has been so interesting, and my supervisor so supportive, that we were able to put together this poster. Anyway, it wasn’t anything very special, but a fun experience of actually seeing some product of our work.

The second exciting thing about the last few weeks is that we have moved forward in planning for my India trip. I will be heading over in Sept/Oct for about a month to attend some conferences and meetings to do with some of our projects, and also to get experience and exposure with some of the community health work I’m working with this year. We’re also facilitating a group of Aussies to come and visit who have been supporting the various work in North India for sometime. I’m very excited to be involved and to be able to go!

In the meantime, please pray with us for wisdom and perseverance as we keep seeking to walk faithfully with the Lord.

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