How God’s power is made perfect


My grace is suf­fi­cient for you, for my pow­er is made per­fect in weak­ness. — 2 Cor 12:9

I have a num­ber of friends who have been through real­ly hard things in recent years, some of which have been alle­vi­at­ed for the moment, but some of which will con­tin­ue for the fore­see­able future. Although I have my hard times, my dif­fi­cul­ties pale in com­par­i­son to the suf­fer­ing and hard­ships faced by my friends. And yet God has used these expe­ri­ences not only in their lives, but also to mold and change me.

I can­not claim to have done any­thing to help my friends, in fact I think at times I have made things worse by my pres­ence, or by my absence. And yet it is in those times of my own fail­ings to sup­port and care for my friends I have had to depend even more ful­ly on God’s for­give­ness, prov­i­dence and abil­i­ty to work in the situation.

I sus­pect the great­est les­son I have learnt though is that God uses weak­ness­es and suf­fer­ing to bring about His pur­pos­es. Just as Jesus was despised and reject­ed, and he suf­fered great­ly, so often God uses our weak­ness­es to bring Him glo­ry. That’s what makes it all about Him and what He has done, and noth­ing about us.

I’m not sure what I’m real­ly get­ting at here, but I guess if noth­ing else I want to remind myself (note for future ref­er­ence) that it is in weak­ness and suf­fer­ing that we see God’s most pow­er­ful work. I don’t think that there are any easy answers for when we are going through hard stuff and I’m the first to admit that I haven’t had the first hand expe­ri­ence of many, but if and when I face the real­i­ties of suf­fer­ing in my own life, if I can come through know­ing more deeply the love of God, and if He can be glo­ri­fied through it, then I think that is enough. God tells us that His pow­er is made per­fect in our weak­ness, not in our strengths.

And I’d just like to thank my friends (who prob­a­bly don’t read this) who have been through hard times recent­ly. Thank you for teach­ing me more about God, and thank you for being gra­cious to me in my weaknesses.

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