One of the projects that I am going to be work­ing on/with this year is the Sampan Community Health project.

Sampan is a pro­gram that works in Northern India and trains and sup­ports local com­mu­ni­ty health work­ers to pro­vide remote vil­lages with a health work­er. These are peo­ple who are mem­bers of the local com­mu­ni­ty and are pro­vid­ed with basic med­ical knowl­edge to recog­nise and treat com­mon med­ical prob­lems and refer on those which are more com­plex. Sampan seeks to care for both the spir­i­tu­al and phys­i­cal aspects of healthy liv­ing. This is one of the aspects of the pro­gram that real­ly excites me.

It’s real­ly great to be able to be part of a project which brings togeth­er my two pas­sions: my faith and med­i­cine. So, it’s won­der­ful to both be able to be a part of the work, but also to be able to learn and grow through some of what they are doing.

If you are inter­est­ed in find­ing out a bit more you could check out their web­site or chat to me. Maybe you’re even look­ing for a med­ical mis­sion to sup­port, can I just say I would hearti­ly endorse your sup­port­ing Sampan!

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