2 weeks in…

African Clinic

Well it’s now been just over 2 weeks since we got back to Adelaide Canberra Melbourne. We have quickly felt at home again (despite my slight confusion about which capital city we now live in) and it has been a pleasure to be back with our housemate Stephen and Sarah.

I’m also now just over 2 weeks into my new job. It’s very exciting to be working in international public health this year, and my workplace, the Nossal Institute for Global Health is a really invigorating environment to be in with lots of fabulous people around. It did take a little while to get used to but I’m loving my job at the moment. It’s certainly still hard to get up in the morning but every day I have been coming back feeling so energised and excited about what I get to be working in this year.

So most medical people think public health is boring, in fact I’m pretty sure I might have been part of that group at some point, but I have always been interested in international health and the reality is that a key part of international health is preventative and population health which is in a nutshell public health. One of my friends lent me a book to introduce my year, and I think it was perfect. Half the Sky: How to change the world is a book about human rights, in particular the oppression of women in many parts of the world. Far from being a feminist movement call to arms, this is a book that looks at the reality of the status of women in many places around the world, and yet the potential for change that empowering women in particular can have. It was a great intro to the year, very inspiring but also gave me a wider perspective on what I am involved in this year.

So far my role is involving a lot of reading, some admin type work as I help with the organisation of a public health leadership course for a group of Indian Public health leaders, editing, research etc. and it has been very strange to be away from the clinical world of seeing patients and doing ward rounds. But it’s fun work and I’m really excited about this year.

Just in case you were wondering, Chris starts back at college next week. It will be a great year for him and he’s looking forward to his classes starting. This weekend he is at the Ridley launch camp, which will be a great chance for the students to get to know each other a bit for the start of the year.

That’s all for now folks, will try and keep you updated a bit more regularly now that the year has kicked off.


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