A year to be thankful for

Photo by: Robin Eckermann

We are very thankful for a wonderful year this year. As we reflect on the year gone by we thought it would be appropriate to share some of the many things we are grateful for this year and let you know what 2013 holds for us.

We are thankful for:

– A year of study at Ridley Melbourne
– Passionate lecturers who are not only keen to teach but also involved in forming us for lives of Christian ministry
– The opportunity to be involved in leading chapel services throughout the year
– The opportunity to grow in our knowledge and love of God through all our classes, assignments, exams and lunchtime discussions with classmates

– Quick integration into a new church family at St Matts
– Spending time with new Christians at church through the introduction to Christianity course which we have been facilitating
– Being a part of a fabulous gospel community (small group) who have welcomed us, supported us and walked along side us during the year
– Chris’ opportunity to preach in October

– Living in the same city as family, and particularly being around to meet two of the new members of our extended family
– Easter with Gill’s family in Melbourne
– Christmas in Canberra

– Frequent flyer points that funded our flights to Europe in the winter break
– Travels through Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Singapore and Malaysia, learning about the Reformation ‘on the ground’ and meeting extended family members
– Seeing Mark Webber win the British Grand Prix at Silverstone
– Trips back to Adelaide for special weddings and a conference
– A long weekend in Canberra earlier in the year

On the home front
– Our two fabulous housemates, Stephen and Sarah
– God’s provision of funds to get through the year despite some changes in circumstances
– The chance to spend so much of the year together, a great privilege.

On a more personal note, 2012 has been a year of growing in trust of God and learning to just take one step at time without needing to worry what the future might hold.

Coming up in 2013

This year we will be continuing our time in Melbourne as Chris continues at Ridley Melbourne. Chris will be extending his degree to a double degree MDiv/GradDipDiv and is looking forward to the variety of classes he will be able to do over the year. I will be re-commencing my GP training by spending the year doing a special skills placement in Public Health at Melbourne University. Just to keep life interesting I’ll also be commencing a Masters of Public Health at the same time.

We plan to continue to be involved in ministry at St Matthews, Prahran and at this stage will continue to live with our housemates Stephen and Sarah.


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