Conference overload

We have spent the last week going to two Christian conferences and have come away invigorated, encouraged, stretched, motivated and all around happy.

The beginning of this week was NTE, the AFES National Training Event in Canberra. This was a conference we both loved as undergrads, and when we heard that they invite Bible College students to go and help out we jumped at the chance. By far the highlight of the conference for us was leading a strand group. This was a group of students from Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga and Townsville and we got to teach them how to do Biblical Theology by looking at Micah 5:1-5a.


We had a lot of fun teaching and seeing our group grow in their understanding of the passage and the Bible. It was a great affirmation for us, in terms of being able to put our studies this year into practice (particularly for me, having studied Micah and using a number of the tools I learnt in class), realising again how much we enjoy teaching and training others in how to read the Bible, and seeing how we work together.

We then drove up to Erina on the NSW Central Coast to go to Multiply 12, the national conference for the Geneva Push, a church planting network. Having been a part of a church plant, and now part of a church that is making some big changes in a church planting nature, we are pretty interested in the idea of church planting and were able to come to the conference with some questions and thoughts that we have been tossing around. It was also a real encouragement to go from a conference (NTE) where people were being challenged to consider whether they were suited to full-time paid gospel ministry, to a conference where people were starting out or well established in full-time paid gospel ministry. The speaker was Don Carson, and he was both spiritually encouraging and theologically stimulating, giving us more opportunity to think about what to do with secondary theological questions that the Bible is quiet on, and giving us food for thought on the question of complementarianism in our churches and culture. If you’re interested the talks can be downloaded here. from: The Geneva Push

We’ll now take a break from conferences because today we are celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary!! What a great 5 years it has been, and how exciting to be on the verge of a new path opening up before us. We are having a few days break in Sydney and the Blue Mountains before trekking back to Canberra for Christmas.

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