This year, and the next few years are a time of preparation for us. We don’t really know what the future will hold and where God is leading us, but we have followed His guidance and are in the midst of a season of training.

It’s frustrating and hard at times, no knowing whether we are making the right decisions, what we will be doing in 1, 2, or even 5, 10, 20 years time and knowing that our hopes and dreams and plans may not be the way forward. But I have been particularly encouraged this year to trust in God and hold onto
His promises.

Today I read this quote by Connie ten Boom, what an encouragement to keep on walking through this season even if it doesn’t always seem to be leading to an obvious destination.

Every experience God gives us, every person he puts on our path, is the perfect preparation for a future that only He can see.

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