Another essay…. authoritatively!

Tomorrow I will be handing up this paper, which ends the essay phase of the semester. Throughout i have written well over 20,000 words (and handed up 13,000 or so) in four papers across about 6 weeks. There is a significant part of me that thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

However, there is also a part of me which is glad the process is over… if only because exams are looming close on the horizon.

For now though enjoy the Wordle from this paper.


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  • Sally

    Yay, you did finish it!! So pleased given all the distraction you faced this past weekend. Do you enjoy the process of exams?? That’s singular. 😉

  • Chris

    Distraction was fun 🙂 and thought provoking, which is good. The process of exams, yeah its enjoyable at one level. 😉