A fun-draiser

Despite being under the weather this week, I stored up all my energy on Friday so that I could go out to a fundraiser dinner with church. Two of our church members are heading to different short-term mission trips over the summer and one of the gospel communities (small groups) decided to organise a dinner to raise money in support of them.

It was a great night, we had a Moroccan dinner with various fundraising activities and prizes. Such as ‘become a schoolie for the night’ and an auction of various activities the gospel community will provide.

One of the highlights was when one of the 10 year olds bid on an auction item (gardening at her home) and then everyone pitched in to up her bid so that she kept outbidding herself. I’m not entirely sure if she knew what was happening, but it was great to see everyone getting behind her.

We also heard from the two heading overseas to Vietnam and Uganda. It was particularly special for me because Anna will be going with a Hopebuilders schoolies group to work at the Village of Hope in Uganda where my aunt and uncle lived last year and continue to be heavily involved in.

It was fantastic to see our church community gathering around these two to support them in their venture, and it was also exciting to see how God has opened the door of opportunity for them. We will be praying that their eyes might be opened to the work God is doing around the world, and that they might be challenged to consider their place in it.

It was also just a fun night. I even scored some perfume as a lucky door prize!

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