A bend in the road

This is just a quick post to reflect on the fact that we are nearly at the end of the academic year. In fact, we only have 1 week left of classes before swot week and exams, so by the beginning of November we will both have finished for the year at Ridley and I will have finished my last class at Ridley.

It’s been a great year in so many ways, hopefully I will be able to reflect a bit more meaningfully after finishing all the assessment tasks that are left to do, but I’m really grateful for all the wonderful things this year has brought.

With endings come new beginnings also, it’s exciting to think about what might be in store for us for next year, as I have a new job/study and Chris moves into his final year of the Masters program.

It’s a pretty fun journey we’re on at the moment, thanks for coming along with us over the year, and for praying for us over the next few weeks!

It’s great to remember that this is not the end of a journey but rather just a turn in the road towards our final destination.


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