Opening doors and progressing plans

We have hit the middle of second semester and are both feeling a bit weary, wondering where this year has disappeared. While we know a lot of the answer to that question – into studying and learning and growing – we are also aware that time has been going fast, especially with some of the increased pressures study-wise this semester.

On our minds for quite some time now has been the developing plans for 2013. There have been a number of hiccups along the way, doors opening but slamming shut at the last minute, jobs applied for with no success and it has been a challenge to keep on trusting in God throughout it all. We are so pleased that a door has opened and at this point everything is working towards us stepping through. So, in 2013 Chris will be continuing on with the Masters of Divinity at Ridley, and I will be working in public health at the University of Melbourne as a placement that will count towards my GP training. Just to add some extra workload I’m also planning on commencing a Masters of Public Health on the side which will help with the work I’m going to be doing and also hopefully equip me for our long term plans.

I am really excited about the opportunity I have and we are really pleased how things are working out.

In terms of our plans for the rest of this year, we have a pretty full schedule. In October we will be running an intro to Christianity course at church which we are excited about. We have gradually been able to step up our service at church and Chris will be preaching in the next few months. We continue to enjoy wonderful community with our small group at church and it will be great to keep on meeting and growing together for the rest of the year. After exams in November I’m hoping to get a few weeks of locum work and then we will be heading to a couple of Christian conferences in December before Christmas. It’s going to be busy but a valuable time.

This week though is a rest week. We have a week off from college and have made the most of the chance to take a break. We will also be traveling to Adelaide this weekend for a very exciting wedding and hope to have some valuable catch ups with friends while we are there.

Please praise God with us for:
-Providing a way forward with plans for 2013
-The opportunity to be right here, learning and growing and doing life together

Please pray with us for:
– Spiritual maturity as we continue to trust in Him
– Wisdom as we go through the rest of this year.

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  • Great to hear your update. Will be praying as you move fwd. 🙂

  • yay!!!!