The judgment of essays

Finally, my run of three essays in three weeks is over. It has felt like it has gone on forever!

This essay was asking the question ‘what was the ethical basis for the messages of judgment in the eighth century prophets?’ It took me a long time to get my head around the question and then to work out an answer, but in the end the best thing for me was to go back to the text and pull it apart for what it said. Who would have thought the Bible might be the best resource I have for a theology essay?!! (Just kidding). This has turned out to be a fascinating journey particularly as I am also thinking about Christian ethics for my ethics class. It seems to me the way God wanted His people to live back in the eighth century B.C. is still pretty relevant for us as God’s people today… anyway food for thought.

Now it’s time to have a break… so excited!

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