Travel Series: Wittenberg and Eisleben

We picked up a hire car in Berlin and began our tour of Germany. Driving on the right (wrong!) side of the road took a little bit of getting used to, although probably more for me in the passenger seat than for Chris in the drivers side!

Our first stop was Wittenberg, this is where Luther lived for most of his adult life, and is famously the town in which he nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church. We enjoyed visiting the museum in his house and visiting the churches that he preached at. The town was beautiful and had a really relaxed ‘summer day’ feel to it.








I think my favourite quote from the house was this:

“I keep thinking what good wine and beer I have at home, as well as a beautiful wife, or should I say boss?” -Martin Luther c1534

We went from Wittenberg onto Eisleben which is the town in which Luther was born. The house he was born in has been destroyed by fire in the 1600s but in the 1800s was bought by the city council and made into a school for the poor in honour of Luther. It is now a museum, and particularly gives a good insight into the mining origins of Luther’s family. Luther also died in Eisleben, however the house that he died in which is usually a museum was sadly closed for renovations over the summer. I suppose we need to leave something to see for next time!

Seeing these museums in person gave us a much richer understanding of the life and times of Martin Luther, only to be enriched further over the next few days.



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