Travel Series: Stuttgart, Speyer

During our time in Heidelberg we made a few day trips to places nearby.

One day we went to Stuttgart. As far as I’m aware Stuttgart is a fair­ly bor­ing indus­tri­al town, but we did­n’t go to see the town, we went to see the car muse­ums. Yes, you heard right, we went to the Mercedes and the Porsche muse­ums in Stuttgart!


The muse­ums were a lot of fun. The Mercedes muse­um traced the his­to­ry of the auto­mo­bile from the first engines to today. It was real­ly inter­est­ing not only watch­ing the evo­lu­tion of the motor-vehi­cle, but also see­ing how var­i­ous world events (like WW2) have impact­ed on the pro­duc­tion of cars. They also had a sec­tion of cars that belonged to famous peo­ple, like Princess Diana’s mer­cedes which she owned for only a short time because the Brits kicked up a stink that she was­n’t dri­ving a British car!


The Porsche muse­um was­n’t quite so inter­est­ing from a sto­ry per­spec­tive, but it was a muse­um full of Porsche’s, there were so many I could­n’t keep track of which mod­el went with which era, but they were very shiny and nice look­ing. I par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoyed the car called the “Pink Pig” (see pic­ture) and get­ting to sit in a Porsche, I felt right at home.

Another day we went to vis­it Speyer. This is the place that the Roman Catholic church held their impe­r­i­al diets (big meet­ings) in 1526 and 1529. It was at the 1529 Diet that the term ‘protes­tant’ was coined because a group of princes fought for the right to decide to whether they had a reformed church or a Roman Catholic church with­in their districts.



In Speyer we vis­it­ed: the cathe­dral — an amaz­ing build­ing which had a crown hung in the cen­tre above the altar to rep­re­sent the king; the Reformation memo­r­i­al church — a goth­ic style church built to remem­ber the reform­ers; and we also vis­it­ed a Jewish Synagogue which remem­bers the sto­ry of a small num­ber of Jews who lived in Speyer for a time.

On our way back from Speyer we also stopped at the Hockenheimring, the sec­ond grand prix track in Germany. There was a prac­tice day on, and while it was­n’t in such a nice loca­tion as the Nurburgring, it was nice to com­plete our race track tour of Germany by vis­it­ing it.

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