Travel Series: Berlin

I hope that this will be the first in a series of posts about our recent holiday. We had such a wonderful time, I’d love to share some reflections with all of you, in particular some of the fun things we did and some of the interesting things we learnt.


So, first up is Berlin. This was our first stop on our travels, and we were very glad we chose to spend some extra time there to explore.

My first impressions of Berlin was that it was a city oozing history. Just walking around you could see evidence of many stages in the history of Germany. There was everything from the Brandenburg Gate to the modern day Euro2012 ‘gate’ set up right behind it, and everything in between.

We felt very welcome in Berlin and despite our jetlag didn’t have too much trouble navigating around. We even made it to an English service at Berlin Connect, and were welcomed every step of the way (literally, there was someone at the train station who took us to the door, someone at the door who took us upstairs, someone upstairs who took us to a seat).

I think there were two particular highlights in Berlin for me. The first was the food – I don’t think I’ve ever had authentic German wurst before, and I definitely enjoyed it!

The second highlight was visiting the Pergamon museum. This is a museum that has a collection of artefacts from Pergamon (see Revelation 2:12-17) and the ancient near east. For example, they have literally set up one of the temples from Pergamon and the Ishtar Gate from Babylon. It was quite amazing to see these great relics in real size and also to see them while we have been learning about the biblical stories written in the same time period. Chris could relate the Pergamon relics really well to his studies of 1 Corinthians last semester, and I was getting prepared for my 8th Century prophets class this semester!

It was also a real privilege to be able to learn about some more recent history in Berlin. We visited the Jewish memorial and saw some of the small sections of the Berlin Wall which have been preserved to remember the Cold War.

Berlin was a fascinating city to visit, and we both enjoyed our few days there!

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