Travel Series: Berlin

I hope that this will be the first in a series of posts about our recent hol­i­day. We had such a won­der­ful time, I’d love to share some reflec­tions with all of you, in par­tic­u­lar some of the fun things we did and some of the inter­est­ing things we learnt.


So, first up is Berlin. This was our first stop on our trav­els, and we were very glad we chose to spend some extra time there to explore.

My first impres­sions of Berlin was that it was a city ooz­ing his­to­ry. Just walk­ing around you could see evi­dence of many stages in the his­to­ry of Germany. There was every­thing from the Brandenburg Gate to the mod­ern day Euro2012 ‘gate’ set up right behind it, and every­thing in between.

We felt very wel­come in Berlin and despite our jet­lag did­n’t have too much trou­ble nav­i­gat­ing around. We even made it to an English ser­vice at Berlin Connect, and were wel­comed every step of the way (lit­er­al­ly, there was some­one at the train sta­tion who took us to the door, some­one at the door who took us upstairs, some­one upstairs who took us to a seat).

I think there were two par­tic­u­lar high­lights in Berlin for me. The first was the food — I don’t think I’ve ever had authen­tic German wurst before, and I def­i­nite­ly enjoyed it!

The sec­ond high­light was vis­it­ing the Pergamon muse­um. This is a muse­um that has a col­lec­tion of arte­facts from Pergamon (see Revelation 2:12–17) and the ancient near east. For exam­ple, they have lit­er­al­ly set up one of the tem­ples from Pergamon and the Ishtar Gate from Babylon. It was quite amaz­ing to see these great relics in real size and also to see them while we have been learn­ing about the bib­li­cal sto­ries writ­ten in the same time peri­od. Chris could relate the Pergamon relics real­ly well to his stud­ies of 1 Corinthians last semes­ter, and I was get­ting pre­pared for my 8th Century prophets class this semester!

It was also a real priv­i­lege to be able to learn about some more recent his­to­ry in Berlin. We vis­it­ed the Jewish memo­r­i­al and saw some of the small sec­tions of the Berlin Wall which have been pre­served to remem­ber the Cold War.

Berlin was a fas­ci­nat­ing city to vis­it, and we both enjoyed our few days there!

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