The Sapphires – a movie well worth seeing

Last week, thanks to a wonderful gift from friends I was able to get out of the house and take in dinner and a movie with a close friend from uni. We hadn’t really planned what we would see, but stumbled across The Sapphires.

Thinking it would be a good light-hearted film from the trailer I had seen, I was keen to see the movie, a little skeptical perhaps about the benefits of watching it in a cinema (I tend to go for the why go out when you could just watch it at home on DVD theory) but glad to have something worthwhile to see. As it turned out I was more than pleasantly surprised, The Sapphires is a high quality, Australian film with an easy to follow, light-hearted plot but also subtly dealing with bigger themes which rock the core of who we are as Australians.

For those of you who may not have heard of this movie, it’s basically the story of four Aboriginal girls who grew up singing together and eventually travel to Vietnam to entertain the troops. I think what I really liked about the film was that it pulls together a beautiful story, comedy and romance with the deeper issues of what it meant to be an Indigenous Australian in the 1960’s as well as some small glimpses into the realities of the Vietnam war. Based on a true story (although with obviously some poetic license) it is a very high quality production and I think does the Australian film industry proud. It was also nice to have a movie full of laughter, music and drama without it being the typical American chick-flick that I am so often attracted to, it was a little bit unpredictable and portrayed strong characters who obviously continue on in life like the rest of us after the events of the film (not simply a ‘happily ever after’ scenario). Overall I’d say it was a very enjoyable movie.

Evidently other people think so too. In it’s first weekend at the Box Office, The Sapphires has taken $2.3 million, the highest earning Australian film since 2010.

This is definitely a movie that is well worth watching

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