The Sapphires — a movie well worth seeing

Last week, thanks to a won­der­ful gift from friends I was able to get out of the house and take in din­ner and a movie with a close friend from uni. We had­n’t real­ly planned what we would see, but stum­bled across The Sapphires.

Thinking it would be a good light-heart­ed film from the trail­er I had seen, I was keen to see the movie, a lit­tle skep­ti­cal per­haps about the ben­e­fits of watch­ing it in a cin­e­ma (I tend to go for the why go out when you could just watch it at home on DVD the­o­ry) but glad to have some­thing worth­while to see. As it turned out I was more than pleas­ant­ly sur­prised, The Sapphires is a high qual­i­ty, Australian film with an easy to fol­low, light-heart­ed plot but also sub­tly deal­ing with big­ger themes which rock the core of who we are as Australians.

For those of you who may not have heard of this movie, it’s basi­cal­ly the sto­ry of four Aboriginal girls who grew up singing togeth­er and even­tu­al­ly trav­el to Vietnam to enter­tain the troops. I think what I real­ly liked about the film was that it pulls togeth­er a beau­ti­ful sto­ry, com­e­dy and romance with the deep­er issues of what it meant to be an Indigenous Australian in the 1960’s as well as some small glimpses into the real­i­ties of the Vietnam war. Based on a true sto­ry (although with obvi­ous­ly some poet­ic license) it is a very high qual­i­ty pro­duc­tion and I think does the Australian film indus­try proud. It was also nice to have a movie full of laugh­ter, music and dra­ma with­out it being the typ­i­cal American chick-flick that I am so often attract­ed to, it was a lit­tle bit unpre­dictable and por­trayed strong char­ac­ters who obvi­ous­ly con­tin­ue on in life like the rest of us after the events of the film (not sim­ply a ‘hap­pi­ly ever after’ sce­nario). Overall I’d say it was a very enjoy­able movie.

Evidently oth­er peo­ple think so too. In it’s first week­end at the Box Office, The Sapphires has tak­en $2.3 mil­lion, the high­est earn­ing Australian film since 2010.

This is def­i­nite­ly a movie that is well worth watching

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