Making news this week…

As I browsed through today, I came across what must be the most impor­tant news of the week…

Miley Cyrus had a hair­cut!

(For those of you who don’t know, Miley Cyrus is a singer)

Apparently this rev­e­la­tion sent the inter­net into a fren­zy and fans flood­ed her twit­ter account with objections.

I have also been sur­prised by the respons­es to my own hair­cut this week: before and after



(Yes that is Paris, just to keep with my promise of shar­ing trip photos!)





I have to say I was quite sur­prised by the extent of the response I have had to my hair­cut (30 ‘likes’ on face­book was the first sur­prise). Of course it is love­ly to receive com­ple­ments about one’s looks, and I am very grate­ful. But unlike Miley Cyrus I did­n’t go into it to make a huge change. Chris thinks it was his ongo­ing sub­lim­i­nal per­sua­sion, but in fact, the main rea­son I got my hair cut off was because it was knot­ty with loads of split ends and I was sick of pulling my hair­brush through knots every­day. Now that I look back on it, I haven’t had hair this short since sec­ond year uni!

It’s a nice change and I’ve man­aged to find a way to style it which I’m rel­a­tive­ly hap­py with. It’s also nice that because I’m not famous like Miley Cyrus, I haven’t had hate mail for my hair­cut. I real­ly can’t imag­ine why peo­ple would feel it is their place to crit­i­cise the way some­one does their hair.

It has been a fit­ting reminder of these words in 1 Peter:

Do not adorn your­selves out­ward­ly by braid­ing your hair, and by wear­ing gold orna­ments or fine cloth­ing; rather, let your adorn­ment be the inner self with the last­ing beau­ty of a gen­tle and qui­et spir­it, which is very pre­cious in God’s sight. — 1 Peter 3:3–4

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