Travel Series: Mainz, Worms, Heidelberg

We took up our Reformation tour again and vis­it­ed a few more attrac­tions from the medievil era before head­ing to Heidelberg for a few days.

In Mainz we vis­it­ed the Guttenberg muse­um, a homage to Guttenberg and his print­ing press. It was a fas­ci­nat­ing jour­ney through the his­to­ry of print­ing in Europe and the impact that effi­cient repli­ca­tion and dis­tri­b­u­tion of mate­ri­als made. Significantly to our inter­ests, they had a copy of Luther’s trans­la­tion of the bible, and we could see the way the print­ing press worked. We also vis­it­ed the Mainz cathe­dral and enjoyed see­ing the mar­kets in the town square.

We then made our way to Worms to vis­it St Peter’s cathe­dral. This was where the Diet of Worms was held, and the place where Luther famous­ly refused to renounce his writ­ings and as a result was ex-com­mu­ni­cat­ed. The church itself was awe-inspir­ing with its intri­cate and ornate dec­o­ra­tion, there was also a won­der­ful mod­el of the old church com­plex and, with some help from our guide books it was great to visu­alise where Luther would have walked and spent his time.


A short walk away from the cathe­dral was the Luther memo­r­i­al (above). It is a com­plex stat­ue with Luther stand­ing tall in the cen­tre and oth­er reform­ers around him, pro­tect­ing, defend­ing and sup­port­ing him. It notes many dif­fer­ent cities involved in the Reformation and some of the major events, such as the upris­ing in Speyer.

Our next stop was Heidelberg. Here we were able to meet Chris’ dad, and spent a few days explor­ing the city with him. Visiting a city like Heidelberg with some­one who has lived there gives it a whole new mean­ing and it was fun to see all the dif­fer­ent places that Chris’ par­ents used to go (like their old apart­ment below, the uni­ver­si­ty and the local swim­ming pool). The old town was par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ing and we enjoyed walk­ing up the hill to the Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg is a bustling city with lots of char­ac­ter. It is also very pic­turesque and we real­ly enjoyed just look­ing around, over the riv­er. Chris was able to get some won­der­ful scenery pic­tures, bet­ter than post­cards I think!

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