Holidays and Travelling… and the Reformation?

It seems very strange that an entire semester has passed already, but indeed it has, and we have marked the end of semester with the usual venerable exam week; then it will be holidays.

One of the great opportunities which Ridley offers is the chance to get a hands on experience of various sites and places which have helped shape the Christian faith, such as Israel, Palestine and Jordan; or Turkey Greece and Italy; and even the heartland of the reformation: Germany and Switzerland. The reformation tour is of particular interest to us through the various readings which we have done, and also my interest in Reformed history. However, unfortunately, the Ridley tour, while it would be great, is out of our budget as a couple.

So then, what is this holiday that I have seen on the Book of Faces, and written about here on the blog, you ask? Well, in lieu of actually being able to join in on the Ridley reformation tour we have decided to go on our own tour, courtesy of all of those pesky frequent flyer points that I’ve accumulated over the years of having to fly for work. So, while saying thanks to all of the jobs that have flown me around in the past, we cashed in most of our points and got extremely cheap flights to Europe. In addition seeing as this year will probably be the only time in the foreseeable future that we have a whole six unencumbered weeks free at the same time, we decided to make the most of it and go for pretty much the entire holidays.

Over the next five weeks, leaving on Saturday, we will be travelling around Europe and the UK roughly following an extended Reformation tour. I have plotted our rough itinerary in Google Maps below:

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Along the way we will be catching up with some family who will be there at the same time. My dad will be in Heidelberg for a little while before a conference in Spain, and so we will be catching up with him there. Its a great opportunity to be shown around Heidelberg as my parents spent several years living there while studying at the university.
In the UK we will be meeting up with Gill’s parents as they are currently there for the Queens Jubilee celebrations, and some other family gatherings; as well as meeting up with Gill’s family who live in the UK.

As we travel we are hoping to be able to update the blog with things we are learning and a few photos. We will be trying to document our travels in the same fashion as the Ridley students have to for the assessment for their course, and we will be taking some reading material on the journey. The first two books on the reading list are a pair of biographies, firstly Calvin, by F. B. Gordon and secondly Luther by Kittleson.

Keep an eye on this space for updates from Europe, and our thoughts on the books. We are very grateful for this opportunity to be able to travel and learn more about the reformation as we do so, and many thanks again to all of my previous employers who have had a hand in making this happen 😉


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