I hate vermin.

Rats, mice, any­thing of the sort, yuck!!

You will remem­ber that a cou­ple of weeks ago Sarah spot­ted a mouse with­in the con­fines of our house. The lit­tle crit­ter kept hid­den and so I remained in denial, believ­ing that it must have escaped into the great unknown or some­where similar…

On Friday how­ev­er it decid­ed to make its res­i­dence in our study. This was bad enough, no one wants to see a mouse streak­ing across the floor out of the cor­ner of their eye. But our rela­tion­ship went from bad to worse when on Saturday the awful dis­gust­ing crea­ture decid­ed to vis­it me on my desk while I was work­ing… It was met with some loud streaks and me dis­ap­pear­ing into anoth­er room. I am not to be messed with!!! I went straight out and bought two mouse traps, this lit­tle crit­ter was not going to last long after that episode!

Well he man­aged to escape the traps, peanut but­ter must not be to his lik­ing, and I was quite unhap­py… War was on and I was­n’t winning!

On Sunday night though our unfriend­ly vis­i­tor decid­ed to vis­it our kitchen while Chris and I were eat­ing din­ner. Now that was a mis­take! My hon­or­able hus­band got up and after a quick chase around the room (quick lit­tle thing) man­aged to con­nect his foot with its head and stunned the thing. I was most relieved and gave Chris a big hug and a kiss (after he had dis­posed of the ?dead mouse out­side and washed his hands). 

My mouse trou­bles are over (for now) but let this be a warn­ing to any oth­er ver­min who believe they can infil­trate my space… My hus­band is on to you! 

A note of san­i­ty, I do actu­al­ly hate ver­min and have com­fort­ed myself by remem­ber­ing that ‘God is big­ger than the boogy man, he is big­ger than Goliath and the mouse with­in our house’ (last phrase my own, the rest is from a kids song) but I also know how illog­i­cal it is to be scared of mice and I know there are mice in Africa, but God is also big­ger than my sil­ly fears and will be there too!

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