I hate vermin.

Rats, mice, anything of the sort, yuck!!

You will remember that a couple of weeks ago Sarah spotted a mouse within the confines of our house. The little critter kept hidden and so I remained in denial, believing that it must have escaped into the great unknown or somewhere similar…

On Friday however it decided to make its residence in our study. This was bad enough, no one wants to see a mouse streaking across the floor out of the corner of their eye. But our relationship went from bad to worse when on Saturday the awful disgusting creature decided to visit me on my desk while I was working… It was met with some loud streaks and me disappearing into another room. I am not to be messed with!!! I went straight out and bought two mouse traps, this little critter was not going to last long after that episode!

Well he managed to escape the traps, peanut butter must not be to his liking, and I was quite unhappy… War was on and I wasn’t winning!

On Sunday night though our unfriendly visitor decided to visit our kitchen while Chris and I were eating dinner. Now that was a mistake! My honorable husband got up and after a quick chase around the room (quick little thing) managed to connect his foot with its head and stunned the thing. I was most relieved and gave Chris a big hug and a kiss (after he had disposed of the ?dead mouse outside and washed his hands).

My mouse troubles are over (for now) but let this be a warning to any other vermin who believe they can infiltrate my space… My husband is on to you!

A note of sanity, I do actually hate vermin and have comforted myself by remembering that ‘God is bigger than the boogy man, he is bigger than Goliath and the mouse within our house’ (last phrase my own, the rest is from a kids song) but I also know how illogical it is to be scared of mice and I know there are mice in Africa, but God is also bigger than my silly fears and will be there too!

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