A sad farewell

Doug McComiskeyToday we had the official farewell of Doug McComisky, our New Testament lecturer at Ridley this year. It was a sad but special day to be a part of as the Ridley community came together to say goodbye to this well loved faculty member.

I think one of the hardest parts of his leaving is the circumstances in which it has happened. Unfortunately two of the faculty positions have been made redundant, which means that Doug and Adrian Lane, our preaching lecturer will be finishing up at Ridley. The announcement was made only last week and so it has been a week full of emotions throughout the college community.

Chris has had Doug teaching the Gospel of John exegesis this semester, and along with Sarah and Stephen’s New Testament experiences Doug’s name has made many dinner table conversations. In our house he is affectionately known as Uncle Doug (a name coined by a fellow student) because he is so approachable and funny! The stories of his jokes throughout lectures and faithfulness to the Bible have really stood out. He always seems to have a smile for students and is certainly a favourite!

At the farewell lunch today, it was wonderful to hear many people reflect on Doug’s ministry at Ridley over the past 13 years. It is clear that he has made a great impact on both faculty and students through his humble and gracious ministry. Doug is an extremely approachable lecturer and we have enjoyed many lunchtime and corridor chats with him. He is also a remarkable academic and it I hope that one day we will be able to name drop his name!

It is such a privilege for us to be part of a theological college where faculty and students are able to consider each other friends and be mutually encouraging. I hope that the changes in faculty won’t mean this valuable aspect of our college community will change.

If you’re into praying, please pray for Doug as he seeks out future direction, and also pray for the Ridley community as we go through some big changes over the next few months.


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