Am I, You are, are We: Australian?

On the weekend I was having a chat with a friend about some of the aspects of other cultures that contribute to making them unique. Take for example the pasata making day, and the other various food related gatherings, that contribute to creating a unique Italian culture. Or the various other customs that contribute to the uniqueness of other cultures, and it re-stirred some thoughts I was having around Australia Day earlier in the year about what makes us really Australian. It was with that thought that I ventured down towards Federation Square in Melbourne to have a look at what we celebrate as Australians on our national day.

Is it the thought of wide open spaces, the family home, and the beach as so many Australians celebrate on Australia day? Or perhaps the idea of sitting on the beach in folding chair with a tinnie watching a band? Or is it the feeling nostalgia and romanticism while coming back to Australia on the national flag carrier as Qantas would desperately love for us to believe?

Is it the idea of Ford and Holden roaring over the top of Mt Panorama for that annual gathering of the devoted? Or perhaps the all too common sight of an Aussie digger faltering home after serving their country overseas?

We like to call ourselves the lucky country, but really what is it that makes us so lucky? Why do we consider our country as blessed as it is, and perhaps why don’t we believe that the grass is greener on the other side? Indeed, given that we pride and revere our Australian nature so highly, why do we at the same time seek to drape ourselves in the national flag?

I, for one, am certain that there is something which draws us all together intrinsically as Australians, other than our national passports. But for all my years in and out of Australia, I havnt been quite able to pin it down to anything specific.

Maybe you could weigh in on what makes us intrinsically Australian in the comment box below.


About Chris

  • After living in Germany for 8 months, the biggest thing that being Australian means to me is being relaxed and carefree.