Am I, You are, are We: Australian?

On the week­end I was hav­ing a chat with a friend about some of the aspects of oth­er cul­tures that con­tribute to mak­ing them unique. Take for exam­ple the pasa­ta mak­ing day, and the oth­er var­i­ous food relat­ed gath­er­ings, that con­tribute to cre­at­ing a unique Italian cul­ture. Or the var­i­ous oth­er cus­toms that con­tribute to the unique­ness of oth­er cul­tures, and it re-stirred some thoughts I was hav­ing around Australia Day ear­li­er in the year about what makes us real­ly Australian. It was with that thought that I ven­tured down towards Federation Square in Melbourne to have a look at what we cel­e­brate as Australians on our nation­al day.

Is it the thought of wide open spaces, the fam­i­ly home, and the beach as so many Australians cel­e­brate on Australia day? Or per­haps the idea of sit­ting on the beach in fold­ing chair with a tin­nie watch­ing a band? Or is it the feel­ing nos­tal­gia and roman­ti­cism while com­ing back to Australia on the nation­al flag car­ri­er as Qantas would des­per­ate­ly love for us to believe?

Is it the idea of Ford and Holden roar­ing over the top of Mt Panorama for that annu­al gath­er­ing of the devot­ed? Or per­haps the all too com­mon sight of an Aussie dig­ger fal­ter­ing home after serv­ing their coun­try overseas?

We like to call our­selves the lucky coun­try, but real­ly what is it that makes us so lucky? Why do we con­sid­er our coun­try as blessed as it is, and per­haps why don’t we believe that the grass is green­er on the oth­er side? Indeed, giv­en that we pride and revere our Australian nature so high­ly, why do we at the same time seek to drape our­selves in the nation­al flag?

I, for one, am cer­tain that there is some­thing which draws us all togeth­er intrin­si­cal­ly as Australians, oth­er than our nation­al pass­ports. But for all my years in and out of Australia, I havnt been quite able to pin it down to any­thing specific.

Maybe you could weigh in on what makes us intrin­si­cal­ly Australian in the com­ment box below.

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