Technical discoveries

How to Draw a Girl with Laptop

This week Chris and I have both been a little under the weather with colds. So we haven’t done anything very exciting, except for spend a lot of time in front of computers.

Today I want to share five six of my technical discoveries of this week. Mainly websites and software which has been useful!

1. Thanks to my grandpa for this one. Each month the Bible Society publish the Eternity magazine, full of Aussie Christian news items. Now they also publish online. There have been some jewels of articles this week with mentions of friends starting bible college (Rosey, Benny and Paul are friends of mine) and an article about the new principal at Ridley

2. When buying textbooks this year, Chris chose to buy some of them in the electronic version. As I start researching my Old Testament essay I have enjoyed trying out our Logos library

3. Apparently you can’t be a uni student without using some form of bibliographic software. Despite managing quite well to do my Missions document study manually, for my next essay I will be trying out Zotero

4. This week I realised that I have skype on my computer, and I can probably use it! If you’d like to skype with us please let us know. I’d love to try it out, and I’m sure Chris knows how it works!

5. I have also been using the Ridley website a lot this week, mainly the eRidley portal and the library catalogue. Very useful to be able to access from my own desk at home.

6. On the internet, you can even learn how to draw a girl with a laptop! The internet sure is full of amazing things!

So there you go. There might be one or two there that you find useful!
Last week we also enjoyed celebrating my grandpa and aunt’s birthdays in person, book club, finishing my document study, and starting some holiday planning.

This week we are looking forward to handing in my document study, church camp, leading a chapel service, Chris finishing his first essay.

What are your favourite websites and programs to use for study, information gathering or just for fun?

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